About Rinehart Pharmacy:

Rinehart Pharmacy is the only retail pharmacy between Seaside and Tillamook, Oregon. Small, but efficient, it offers lower wait times for walk-in prescriptions than some of the bigger corporate chains.


  • Automatic refills (some exclusions apply)

  • Automated Prescription Reminders – Your preference: text or phone call

  • Refill Requests by Telephone – Touch-tone refill requests – 24-hour access through our Interactive Voice Recording line (1-844-715-2299 OR 1-800-368-5182, Option 4)

  • Waiting Room Message Board – Notifies patients waiting that their prescription is ready

  • Controlled Medication Refill Management Program – Rinehart Pharmacy is now managing paper prescriptions for certain types of pain medications. NOTE: No early refills. Next refill will be processed on the last day of the current prescription. If a refill date occurs on Saturday, the prescription will be processed on Friday. If a refill date occurs on Sunday, the prescription will be processed on Monday.

  • 90-day supply for most prescriptions are now available on most insurance plans (some restrictions apply)

  • On vacation and forgot your meds? We can help!

Insurance: We accept nearly all major insurance plans, including Medicare. Co-pays are the same as the larger chains.

Clinical Pharmacy Services: If you are a patient of Rinehart Clinic, our Clinical Pharmacist can meet with you to help optimize your prescriptions and save money.

MED-DROP LOCATION: Have unwanted or expired prescription medications? Rinehart Pharmacy is a MedDrop location and will safely dispose of your old medications for FREE. 

SYRINGE DISPOSAL: Want to safely dispose of your used needles or sharps? Ask about the Rinehart Pharmacy's free Syringe and Sharps Disposal program.